Hummingbird Rover

This is an engineering project at Saint Francis High School in Milton, Georgia. The purpose of the project is to 3D design a rover, 3D print the individual parts, attach a hummingbird kit, and navigate around obstacles.

I designed this project to maximize creativity and originality while minimizing "Robots building Robots." The rubric is based on creativity and how well each student works in their assigned groups.

I definitely recommend separating into groups with solid programmers, 3D designers, builders, and organizers. I have found that groups often form with too many of one type of builders mindset and this can be very detrimental to the group process.


Check out an example rover on Thingiverse...

Three example prototype rovers. 3D printed parts + Cardboard + Duct tape = pretty sweet!

Final Rover Projects are coming very soon!!!!
Here is my Raspberry Pi Powered Rover

Classroom Time Required: 
30+ hours