The Latest

Hummingbird motor wheel and Lego adapter

We've created a couple of 3D printable models that you can use to make a wheel and a Lego adapter for the Hummingbird's gear motor. Both the wheel and the Lego adapter can be downloaded or ordered from Shapeways. Find the wheel here, and the Lego adapter here.

Training Workshops in Pittsburgh and South Carolina

Two free Hummingbird workshops have just been announced, one in Columbia, SC, and the other in Pittsburgh, PA. On a more general note, one of our major goals this year is to expand training opportunities for Hummingbird. We're developing a network of trainers for private trainings for school districts and other organizations, and are also planning multiple public workshops in many states along the eastern seaboard. Keep an eye on our training page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out if a workshop is scheduled in your area.

New Software for Raspberry Pi

We just made a couple of major updates to our Raspberry Pi support. We added a Python library for Hummingbird for the Pi, and we created a server that allows you to use the Pi as a wireless bridge for programming the Hummingbird with Snap!. Find out more.